Managing Fly Ash

Why Manage Fly Ash as a Resource?

Operators of coal-fired power plants must manage costs, revenues, and risk to be successful. Successfully managing fly ash has become an increasingly important piece of overall success for power plants. In this business environment, power plants must carefully control expenses, capital commitments and risks — and smart management of coal combustion products provides a significant opportunity in several important ways:

  • Cost Reduction and Cost Management for Landfill. Managing fly ash results in landfill cost avoidance by reducing current ash disposal expenses and by delaying or avoiding the significant costs of future landfill or pond development.
  • Avoiding or Reducing Future Liability. Recycling fly ash means reducing the chances that, in the future, environmental regulators will take actions targeted at a fly ash disposal site.
  • An Environmentally-Friendly Solution. Beneficiation and utilization of fly ash is a “green” solution that turns expenses into revenue and demonstrates a utility’s commitment to the environment and the communities in which they do business.

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