Our Proprietary Separation Solution

Why Separation Technologies’ Electrostatic Process is the best solution

Our electrostatic technology processes high carbon fly ash to make it usable in concrete. The difference in our technology is that we do this in an eco-friendly manner that requires no additional chemicals and produces no emissions. This technology has many business advantages for power plants, since it is the most flexible, cleanest, fly ash processing solution, with the longest record of proven commercial success.

Unlike other technologies, electrostatic technology is:

  • Fully proven, fully commercialized, and fully operational across many plants and discrete separator units.
  • Compact, clean, and requires a relatively small footprint at the power plant site.
  • Much lower-cost than any alternative solution.
  • Much more flexible in dealing with future developments.

Electrostatic separation process also has many technology advantages:

  • Each separator can process up to 40 tons of fly ash per hour, which means that one separator can meet most plant/market requirements and a second or third separator can be easily and cost effectively added to handle any plant/market situation.
  • The separator uses very low power to operate, consuming 1-2 kWh for each processed ton
  • The separator process generates no gas or liquid emissions
  • The separator also produces a high carbon product that can be readily reburned, to recover the fuel value of the unburned carbon.
  • The electrostatic separator can readily process a wide range of fly ash LOI’s (Loss on Ignition, or unburned carbon content) — from 30% on down — producing a consistent 2% LOI product that easily meets all standards for use in concrete.

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